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School counseling for foreigners


Inquiry method and cost

  • face-to-face

    Consultation time:

work day:18:00~20:00


Location: Higashibetsuin E-able

  • phone:070₋8364₋6579

  • WeChat/LINE

SC Cost: 2500Japanese/20min.

The factors whether foreign children are suitable or not for Japanese school life depend on language barriers, children personality, years in Japan, classroom atmosphere, etc. It's said that the school counseling of SC is very important. Unfortunately, no matter how excellent the SC is, the counseling becomes deceptively effective due to language barrier. In this kind of situation, a Chinese-Japanese bilingual teacher in Nagoya City's public schools, who has accumulated rich experience and many successful counseling cases, will provide effective solutions. If you have any questions, please contact us:

  • A sense of loneliness and disappointment due to lack of communication, lack of the ability to integrate a group, or children's characters.

  • When children have no learning goals, no willing to learn, or don't know how to learn, just take advantage of our comprehensive instruction for children to quickly study textbooks for junior and high school.

  • Parents don't understand the evaluation method for Japanese school children, and the information on enrollment.

  • Due to busy work, neglect of children brought a series of problems.

  • Living with their grandparents all the time, your children have developed many unacceptable behaviors and habits, or your children are not close to you and cannot integrate into your life, which brings you confusion.

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