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Chinese/Japanese course(Online, 3 channels)

Contemporary Chinese Lecture (Chinese)

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Zoom352  9776065

Tokyo time:19:30₋20:30

                Mon. to Fri.

CC Tuition: JPY5,000/hour

The course on modern China is for foreigners who want to do business in China and have a basic or intermediate level of Chinese, as well as for those expatriates in multinational companies. The purpose of this course is to help above-mentioned persons to improve their Chinese level by knowing the truth of modern China gradually with the more effective foreign language learning method, CLIL (Contents and Language Integrated Learning).

The content of Chinese business basically comes from the lecturer's long-term business experience in China and the business experience as an expatriate of a Japanese multinational company. It also comes from others, such as Mr. James McGregor, chairman of the American and Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the past. He had been in China for 20 years and wrote the bestseller Billion customers, external global view of Chinese business, honored as “China Business Red Treasure Book”. The Japanese translation version Chinese Business Blooming is just like a bible on the Chinese business world in Japan.

Hope those who are destined for this course can follow the lecturer only by himself to master Chinese gradually and to have their business successfully while learning more and more about modern China and Chinese business.


Japanese course (English)

Zoom:  730 3400710

Tokyo time:20:30₋21:30

   Mon. to Fri.

JE Tuition: JPY1,000/hour

This course is held in English for people from English-speaking countries, who want to study basic Japanese. Even in a short 40-minute unit, our veteran teacher who is bilingual in Japanese and English can efficiently teach Japanese knowledge and Japanese learning methods.

Children who come to Japan are happy to go to school and study, but the current situation is that their Japanese language learning is not as good as expected.  Children from countries such as Nepal and Indonesia, etc. can speak English, but without a bilingual teacher, they will not be able to learn Japanese efficiently. However, we have rich instructing experience and know-how in Japanese-English bilingual education, taking our Japanese language course for one year will surely have children on the right track of learning Japanese.

Japanese course (Chinese)

Zoom459 9447767

Tokyo time:19:30₋20:30

​   Sat. & Sun.

JC Tuition: JPY1,000/hour

This course is taught in Chinese for those who want to study Japanese from beginner level to Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test. Even in a short 40-minute unit, our bilingual veteran teachers in Japan can efficiently teach you Japanese knowledge and effective Japanese learning methods.

All of the teachers in this course are active Japanese-Chinese bilingual instructors who teach students with foreign roots in public schools in Japan.

By taking advantage of children's existing Chinese knowledge, they can improve their Japanese immediately and fundamentally and will become Sino-Japanese bilingual talents.

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・Weixin Official Account Orient Insight

​ Please scan the above QR code to be able to read an essay about Japanese culture called Orient Insight, and you can study Chinese more deeply.

 The MHB Society (The Japanese Society of Mother tongue, Heritage language, and Bilingual Education) regularly publishes various papers and essays on bilingual education. Parents interested in learning more about bilingual education could click on the above link to get more nutrition.

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