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 If you are applying for a classroom or course, please select the classroom or course that you have decided on.​ Please fill in information about your name, your age, your grade, and the number of years you have been in Japan. Then pay with your preferred payment method on the right. After that, we will provide you with specific information related to admission.

  If you are requesting school counseling, please specify the consultation method and consultation content, and pay with your preferred payment method on the right. Afterwards, we will inform you about the contents of the consultation reservation in detail.

​  For other inquiries, please specify and wait for a reply.

​3 payment methods

1.WeChat Pay 微信支付  (Exchange Rate:RMB52/JPY1,000)
QR-code will be shown at classroom and please scan it and input the necessary amount to pay.

Please select your preferred payment

sent a message

2.PayPal or Credit Cards

3.PayPay / LinePay / Alipay
  (exchange raterate: RMB52/JPY1,000)
​ Please wait while we are reviewing.

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