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​Multilingual Translation

  Become a reliable business partner for clients with advanced multilingual translation.
​ Became an advisor for optimal use of educational resources in Japan.

Service Contents

 1.Multilingual translation


          Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.


          Machinery, mechatronics, chemical industry, finance, 

          education, etc.


2. Japan Educational Resources


  •     Providing information on admission to Japanese universities, public high schools, junior high schools and elementary schools

  •     Providing advice and solutions to exam preparation.

Translation unit price/Quotation

 1. Machine translation

    8 Yen/1 character (all languages)


 2. Artificial translation
    18 Yen/
1 character (Japanese-English, English-Japanese)

    15Yen/1 character (other languages)

 3. Japan Educational


consulting charge

  • University 100,000 Yen

  • Public high school 30,000 Yen

  • Middle/elementary school 20,000 Yen

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