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Company Philosophy

  Unlike other western countries of immigrants, Japan is a non-immigrant country, and the education of public junior and elementary school education in Japan is considered to be essentially Japanese assimilation education. We have been teaching Japanese language learning to foreign-rooted students in Japanese public elementary and junior high schools for many years, and have to face those problems such as loss of mother tongue, school maladjustment, and decline in academic ability on a daily basis. In order to solve these problems more smoothly, We founded U Academy. From the perspective of bilingual education, we will improve students' Japanese cognitive ability and at the same time solve problems that school counselors failed. I would like to contribute to the stability and prosperity of Japanese society by continuing to solve these problems.

Company Information

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  Mizuki Tsinghua Office (World Wide Translating House) was founded in Nagoya, Japan in April 2016 and has been formed by professional translation freelancers in major cities (every 8 hours) in the world.  We select the best translators in the fields of machinery, mechatronics, chemical industry, finance, education, tourism, etc. to satisfy our clients' requirements in languages such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, etc. We also operate the U Academy, which teaches Chinese and Japanese language to foreign-rooted students who are facing problems such as loss of mother tongue, school maladjustment, and academic decline.

Service Content

1. Chinese Class and Scratch Programming Class

・Classroom for Chinese roots

・Classroom for Scratch Programming

2.Online Japanese and Chinese Courses

・Online Japanese course (in Chinese)

・Online Japansese Course (in English)

​・Online course for businessmen (in Chinese)



3. Japanese education consulting
    ・Counseling for school maladjustment
    ・Admission to Japanese University, public high schools, junior high schools, elementary schools.

    ・Information on exam preparation and solution

4.Multilingual translation

        Japanese, English, Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, etc.

No.905 Prime Meitsu Higashibetsuin, Oi-cho 6-11, Naka-ku, Nagoya, Aichi Pref. 4600015


Tel: 090-6598-8007    070-8364-6579

Founder's Message


  Originally I'm an engineer, when I worked for a private company to develop products and eradicate defective products.​ After switching to the education field, I have accumulated many years of experience in bilingual education theory and education practice. U Academy's aim is to help foreign-rooted students to acquire Japanese language skills so as to be able to adapt to Japanese society in the near future. The No Child Left Behind Act, a U.S. education bill, really encourages me without leaving anyone behind.

Educational background: Beijing Institute of Technology (Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering) →  

                                         Nagoya University (Master of Arts)

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